Our ships sail from the end of March until the beginning of January (main sailing season ends in October) on the rivers Rhine, Moselle and Danube. The total capacity of our ships is between 106 and 126 passengers, crew counting up to 25 members. Our passengers are mainly British and sometimes we have Dutch guests as well. Communicative knowledge of English language is therefore a must. All the crew members work and live on board and the accommodation and all meals are provided. Working on the ship means visiting different city almost every day.

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Our Crew Manager will gladly inform you about the current employment possibilities within our company and invite you for an interview. You are welcome to have an interview via the WhatsApp or Skype. During the interview we provide detailed explanation of how the system on board works and there is room for all your questions.

Below you can find basic information about the work positions within our company.

Nautical crew

Is head of the nautical department and he/ she is responsible for the maintenance of the ship and the security on board. The captain is also responsible for the work schedules of the sailors and supervises the execution of the work assignments. The captain works closely with the Hotel Manager and the office. A Rhine patent to Basle is a requirement.

The sailors are responsible for the maintenance of the ships and nautical work on board. A sailor’s certificate is required.

Night Watch
Is responsible for the safety of passengers and the crew during the night. Every hour, the night watch checks the safety of the entire ship. This position includes the communication with the passengers and some light domestic works as well.

Hotel crew

Is responsible for the preparation and presentation of all meals on board (breakfast/ lunch/ dinner), for the passengers and the crew. Chef is responsible for the organization of work and duties in the kitchen, therefore he/ she carries the responsibility for all kitchen personnel.

Furthermore, the chef is responsible for the menus, orders and hygiene in the kitchen. Education and experience in the field is a requirement.

Kitchen assistant
Assists the chef with his/ her work. He/ she must be able to work independently as well. Strong sense for hygiene is a must.
Education and/ or experience in the field is a requirement.

Waiter / Waitress
Is responsible for serving the meals (breakfast/ lunch/ dinner) in the restaurant including preparing the restaurant and the tables beforehand and clearing the tables after the meals. Cleaning of restaurant is a part of the job as well. Occasionally it may happen that the waiter/ waitress is required to wash the dishes after breakfast of guests and crew.

Education and/ or experience in the field is a requirement.

Bartender / Lady Bartender
Is responsible for serving the drinks in the bar/ lounge and during lunch and dinner in the restaurant as well. The job includes the responsibility for tidying up the bar, lounge and coffee pantry. Responsibility for the cash register as a part of the job.
Education and/ or experience in the field is a requirement.

Is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the cabins and all public areas.
During lunch and dinner, the chambermaids wash the dishes after guests and crew.

Previous experience it the similar position is not required. However, willingness to learn is very important.